Food alert: Marmalade and Mustard Ham 'Recipe'

My method of cooking is easy peasy. Just whack whatever you fancy together and hope for the best.

One of my favourite hobbies is eating, so it makes sense that I'm a natural in the kitchen


❤ Love to eat. Love to cook ❤

So we took an uncooked gammon joint, approximately 1.2kg. Believe me, you don't need these things smoked, it's a salty overload.

We chucked it in a big ol' pot, covered it in water, brought it to the boil, then lowered the heat down to let it simmer for an hour.

*It's at this point of the cooking experience I like to whack it on, walk away and realise I haven't looked at the time I put it in and guesstimate how long it's actually been simmering away.*

When it looks pretty cooked, around about an hours guesstimatation from the time it started simmering, take the ham out of the pan and plonk it in a baking dish. I like to use a little Pyrex dish. I'd advise you to do the same so you can use a scourer to get the caramelised marmalade off the thing with ease later on.

Now, carefully open any kind of marmalade you have, we had orange lurking on our shelf. Get the marmalade and dollop it on the ham. Cover the top and sides. We used around two massive tablespoons. Then smear some mustard over it too. You could mix the mustard and marmalade beforehand but I was making it up as I went along so there we are.

I forgot to mention, I was cooking Sunday lunch whilst doing this so it might be wise if you aren't cooking anything else simultaneously, to preheat your oven. We had ours on 180C (fan). Although I don't entirely trust ovens temperature. They're like cats and do what the hell they please. So I'll say 'around' 180C (fan).

Once you've whacked on the marmalade and mustard, shove it in the oven, top shelf, middle shelf, it doesn't really matter.

Check it after 15 mins, it should be looking lovely, I like to flip it around so the other side of the ham gets a toasting. Rebaste/smother it all in the now melted marmalade and mustard. Shove it back in the oven and check again in another 15 mins, or there about. I don't tend to time this properly either. I just look at it and consider whether it needs flipping, basting or a little longer in the oven.

When I decide it's looking spectacular and it's at a point where I poke it and contemplate the chances of it being undercooked being extremely low, I take it out. Leave it to rest for two minutes before slicing off the irresistible 'test piece'. Try not to pick at it too much and walk out of the kitchen feeling mighty smug that the lunches are going to be bloody delicious this week 🎉

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