Beaducation Blog Feature Abercrombie Cumbes

Our Beaducation buddies across The Pond have featured little ol' me!

Abercrombie Cumbes Beaducation Feature

Beaducation Metal Stamping

Beaducation is a Californian company, with a mission to spread their skills, happiness and beautiful tools to inspire a worldwide audience and encourage us all to create beautiful jewellery.

They are very active on social media platforms and are always popping up in live video tutorials that are natural, helpful and easy to follow. Their openess and love of laughter is a true asset to their business, as is their support and words of encouragement along everyone's creative journey.

Abercrombie Cumbes Blog Feature: Beaducation Tutorials

I always look forward to seeing what new stamps they come out with (which feeds my ever growing Beaducation design stamp addiction!).

I highly recommend you check out their website if you're interested in metal stamping or just want to try out a few crafty tutorials.

Check out the recent feature they did on our makes: HERE

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