Pet Rock - Pewter Pebble

Pet Rock - Pewter Pebble


Hand poured pewter pebble, hand stamped with 'My Pet Rock' or can personalise your pet with a custom message

Want a pet but don't have the space? Worried about the cost? Don't have the space? Haven't got a garden? Well look no further! These gorgeous pewter pebbles are hand stamped with 'My Pet Rock'. A hassle free pet that you can pop in your pocket.

They weigh approx. 15g. Each pebble has been hand poured so the shapes are organic and every one is unique. Your pet will be the only one like it in the world!

They are packaged in the card seen and put in to a little envelope with a heart punched out. So if this is a gift for another, all you need to do is write a little note inside (or tell me what you'd like to put if sending direct). It's all ready to go!

If you wish to have these personalised with your own message, pop your request in the notes when ordering. Please ask before ordering if you are concerned it may not fit.

For custom orders please let me know the full phrase you would like when making the request. If there are any problems with the wording I will let you know.